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Jan 08, 2012 - Moving to a new server for more SPACE! Soon to be revamped again!!

Nov 07, 2009 - Finally getting ready to seriously overhaul this site!

April 30th, 2007- I've spruced up myspace a little, and finally got on board the YouTube bandwagon. I'm working on a "modes dimystified" video tutorial, the beginnings of which can be seen on YouTube ONLY! I plan to improve it by adding little jams and some TAB examples! In addition I changed from using voice overs on the menu buttons above, to guitar chords/licks! Free album to the first person who guesses which song of mine they are from!

October 19, '06 - I've really been cookin' on this new album. Never before have I had so much momentum. I've decided the title track and album name "Suspended Time"!! I've already written 4 new tunes, and "Livin' Free" will be added along with "Desert Bloom" that I've revamped from the archives. I'm stoked!

September 27, '06 - I've certainly been awhile for while. Unfortunetly I really injured myself while working on a customer's car. Still, I'm not one to let hairline fractures hold me back. With the arm mostly healed, I've begun work on a new ALBUM! YAY! While I choose a more rock/pop angle on the last album, this one is ALL instrumental. Though the market potential may be less, it's more for me anyway! So stay tuned, and get ready to hear some great new tunes.

June 13, '06 - I've finally gotten back in the saddle, and begun the process of converting all the tunes done in Adobe Audition (half of those on album) and into ProTools. With that done, I'm booking some studio time to greatly improve the sound of the mix! Having a pro-engineer will be nice for change. In addition I now have the funds to move forward with full production! I apologize for the wait, but I assure you it will be worth it. I'll be posting new mixes very soon!

Feb 21, '06 - The album is done, as good as it's gonna get. It's been deemed good enough for a "DEMO" Level release. I'd have to record it all over again to obtain pro results, and issues have come up to prevent it.

Feb 09, '06 - Well the album is 99% completed!! All that's left is to save up the dough necessary to get the first cut made. If you'd like to donate, I take paypal - mr2mkii@aol.com! Lord knows I need all the help I can get. All donators will receive the autographed CD, pick, and T-Shirt!!

Dec 06, '05 - After a two month hietis away from music, I'm back in the saddle. Updated with some more pictures, and more songs!!

Oct 16, '05 - New Cover tune "Longing", along with updated album tunes. The album music is pretty much completed, now to finalyze the track listing and artwork.

Sep 1, '05 - By request I've finally added a bulliten board/forum

Aug 26, '05 - Put up the proposed album cover, and tune lineup!

June 19, '05 - Back from freak foot, added some pictures...

May 22, '05 - New frontpage image, revamped the gear section!

May 21, '05 - Added Longing preview & Silent Awe in the song section!

May 15, '05 - Added a video vault, packed with 4 new videos!

May 9, '05 - Added the Alternative Section Finally, along with "Spotlight" a preview!

May 5, '05 - Though it's not yet complete, I've added "Carribean Blue" & "I Need You" to my available download songs!

May 1, '05 - www.briancrowell.com is now transferred to it's new home! A few bugs here and there, but here none the less!

April 22, '05 - Our RUSH tribute album continues to progress, check the link at top!

April 15, '05 - Tax day, fun fun..meanwhile I rearranged the music section into genres.

April 10, '05 - Added a few more covers...Subdivisions, and Dave's Party Piece.

March 24, '05 - Finally updating the look of this site, so some of the new image based links don't function yet...they will soon.
The album is coming along slowly, but surely. I've determined I need some improved songs for the album, and that some of my older stuff is actually holding me back.

March 1, '05 - More song samples loaded up! Enjoy!

Dec 20, '04 -

New Musical Project

The ALBUM! I'm putting together the music for my first album. Rather than being an all out new stuff album, it will be retrospective from 1992 on. Right now I am working on recording some newer stuff and completing the all the instruments/parts of the songs. I'm also re-recording some of the older stuff. The album title is "Then, Now, Maybe Never" Once I'm done recording I hope to find a reasonable priced engineer to make final touches and mixes. I hope to have this complete this year, but only time will tell.

Song Covers

Song "covers" for those unfamiliar with the lingo, are existing popular songs re-done by yourself or band. I've been in several bands, from Christian Rock/Pop to Grunge. Least to say I've mounted allot of covers over the years. Here are a few of them.

[Dave Weiner][RUSH][Joe Satriani][Steve VAI][John Denver][Jars of Clay][Dan Fogelburg]

Dave Weiner Cover(s) - www.daveweiner.com

Dave's Party Piece
  • Written: 1999 - Dave Weiner
  • Song Type: Solo 7-string Guitar
  • Description: This was the song that Dave would do during his part of the Vai Tour. It's what made me a fan, so of course I had to learn it. While this is by no means perfect, it still sounds pretty good. I still have a long way to play like Dave Weiner.

RUSH Covers - www.RUSH.com

Nobody's Hero{It's Here finally!}
  • Written: 1992 - RUSH - Counterparts
  • Song Type: Rock
  • Description: One of those songs I loved to play in "Rising Faith". My friend Russ has the Geddy Lee voice, and usually sang it. Here I took on that duty. The song always conveyed how typical people can be looked upon unimportant, as if a movie star passes on, they are somehow more important than any of us normal folk. Everyone should be appreciated & rightfully mourned.
  • Written: RUSH - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart
  • Song Type: Rock
  • Description: A challenge to record a song within one hour, by myself. A good example of what a awesome tool digital recording is! MIDI, combined with my guitar work & vocals. A little rough, and not perfect, but then I only had an hour to do it, not days!
  • Written: RUSH - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart
  • Song Type: Rock
  • Description: This song has been covered by every RUSH cover band alive, so why should I be any different!

Joe Satriani Cover(s) - www.joesatriani.com

  • Written: 1993 - Joe Satriani
  • Song Type: Instrumental Guitar
  • Description: One of my favorite guitarists, Joe can convey so much in his guitar ballads. I can just let the emotions fly when playing this song. I just hope it does it justice. This is a string bend like crazy song, with the most expresive bend being the hardest to get right! Though it sounded good when I was recording it, the guitar has far too much effect level. I plan on re-recording this soon.
Always with me, Always with you
  • Written: 199? - Joe Satriani
  • Song Type: Instrumental Guitar
  • Description: One of his simpler pieces, that I don't stress over while playing. This is actually the first of his songs I learned to play. No doubt there are a few difficult licks, but overall not to bad!

Steve Vai Cover(s) - www.Vai.com

For the Love of God'{COMING SOON!}
  • Written: 1990 - Steve Vai
  • Song Type: Instrumental Guitar
  • Description: I learned of Steve in 1992, and it's sad that it took me 4 years until I could play it 85% through, and another 4 to play the remaining 15%!! This is one of his best known songs, and has always struck a chord (or two) with me!

Jars of Clay Cover(s) (Christian)
Like A Child
  • Written: 1994 - Jars of Clay
  • Song Type: Inspirational - Vocal & Guitar
  • Description: Back to my Christian roots. It's been one of my best Christian Music covers, and one of the most requested. Jeff Beckley had "Hallelujah", I have this. Some of my best vocals are here.

John Denver Covers

My Sweet Lady
  • Written: John Denver
  • Song Type: Folk - Guitar & Vocal
Annie's Song
  • Written: John Denver
  • Song Type: Folk - Guitar & Vocal
  • Description: One of his most popular songs, I actually performed this at my wedding reception to grand applause.

Cat Stevens Covers

Moon Shadow

  • Written: Cat Stevens
  • Song Type: Folk Rock - Guitar & Vocal

Father & Son

  • Written: Cat Stevens
  • Song Type: Folk Rock - Guitar & Vocal
  • Description: Always one I could relate too.

Dan Fogelburg Covers

  • Song Type: Pop - Guitar & Vocal