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WELCOME...This is a page about our RUSH Tribute album that we've been so diligently working on. Check here for updates & MP3s! Now we've got 7 songs all together, and will be working on 4 more in the upcoming months!

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT RUSH'S NEW ALBUM "Snakes & Arrows"! I'll also be going to the Raleigh Concert on the 20th!!

Who the heck are you guys?

Just a couple of musicians who've been inspired by RUSH on many levels. We are Brian Crowell, and Russell VanKuren. College buds for over 12 years who still find time to enjoy their music.

Why do a tribute?

Because RUSH rocks, any way you slicem...from Neil's crafty lyrics, to Geddy's precence and bass wizardy, to Alex's love of lush & full arrangements. That backed with Peart's unparralled drum mastery, and you've got a unstoppable musical force. They've influenced so many people, including us, that we always tried to fit in one of their tunes at every practice session. We immensly enjoy covering their stuff, and try to uphold the highest possible caliber when doing so.

Isn't their stuff hard!?

Yes, and No. Some of their stuff is incredible syncopated over complex rythms, making it difficult to accurately reproduce. Other stuff is more simple, for everyone but the drummer that is!!! I don't think any of Neil's stuff could be labled as simple. The hardest part for us is all the Keyboard stuff...replicating the sounds Geddy has used for the LPs can be very difficult and time consuming!

The Covers

NOTE: All songs written by Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, & Neil Peart. Though these are our covers of their tunes they are still property of RUSH. If you like a tune here, go by the associated album!
1 - Subdivisions
  • Rush Album: Signals
  • Background: We were tempted NOT to do this one, mainly because it's one of the most popular and done by everyone. We figured it's too good of a song to leave off. Never fear, some lesser known tunes will follow. Russ really shines vocally on this peice
2 - Limelight
  • Rush Album: Moving Pictures
  • Background: Hands down Brian's favorite guitar song from RUSH. Simple RAW, and fun. One of the few that show Brian's vocal ability.
3 - The Big Money
  • Rush Album: Power Windows
  • Background: This a wonderfull layered song, with a good lyrical message. One of the more complex to get right. The guitar solo here is really unique.
4 - Nobody's Hero
  • Rush Album: Counterparts
  • Background: A truely sad song, telling us to appreciate the real Hero's in life, not those who portray them.
5 - Making Memories
  • Rush Album: Fly by Night
  • Background: One of the first RUSH songs we learned completely back in 93! We recorded this in about 3 takes...A simple classic!
6 - Face Up
  • Rush Album: Roll the bones
  • Background: Another complex tune, but unfortunetly didn't have time for Russ to record the vocals yet. So for now it has Brian's less than perfect singing!
7 - Freewill
  • Rush Album: Permanent Waves
  • Background: A yes, another RUSH classic. I recal my first guitar mag had a transcription to took me another few years to realize RUSH and what I had. It then took 10 years later to record! Worked hard on replicating Alex's guitar sound on this.

Last Updated - 5/22/07