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Work begins on NEW completely instrumental album "Epherimal Cohesion"!! I'm really throwing my norm out the window, and letting inspiration take me anywhere. As a result, I'm creating the most lush and exciting instrumentals ever! Check out one of the new tunes - "All For You"


Carribean Blue

  • 1. Carribean Blue (I Fall)
  • 4. I Need You
  • 2. Livin Free -(site intro)
  • 6. All For You
  • 5. Fear You
  • 8. Just a Man
  • 3. Memories Fall
  • 7. Peaceful Surrender
  • 9. Longer (Fogelburg cover)
  • 10. Desert Bloom
  • 11. Silent Awe
  • 12. Just A Man (Acoustic)
  • 13. I Need You (Acoustic)

My official LP is NOW on SNOCAP! Songs from 0.89c! Buy the whole album now for $8.99 and help support an indie musician! Until I can get into a PRO studio in early 2008, and make a super engineered version of this album, it'll remain in it's current state! Thanks for all the great comments & help from my buds while this was in process!!

Surprisingly, I've been getting many requests for a signed photo/glossy. Sorry to say, I simply haven't sat down with a professional photographer yet. I promise I'll work on that when I get a chance! Besides, it's all about the music anyway!

WORK ON THE NEW ALBUM "Epherimal Cohesion" BEGINS! I've already put 3-4 ideas down, with lots more on the way. This album is going to be solely instrumental!! Click the tune links above for a preview!!


Most musicians want to be heard. We want to convey or thoughts and feelings in song to others, and know they've experienced something. I'm no longer in a band of any kind. With my almost 3 year old daughter & family to take care of, I don't get the chance to get my music out, or even done! My family has always appreciated my music, so this is for them, and anyone else wanting to listen.

My Songs

Here are a few songs I've actually taken the time to record and mix down. They are by no means professional quality, as my record engineering skills have been steadily improving, but I'm no master. NOTE: All songs are copyrighted Brian Crowell '06, and by downloading you agree to never use without permission, always give proper credit, and NEVER have available on any network..

Choose your genre... For those new to my stuff, the fav's have been "Livin Free," "Carribean Blue," "Fear You," "I Need You," and finally "All For You."

[ROCK/Hard Rock][Alternative/Grunge][POP Rock][Christian Rock][Folk/Ballad][New Age/Instrumental][Cover Tunes]

ROCK / Hard Rock / Metal

Memories Fall
  • Written: 2005
  • Song Type: Rock/Alt Rock
  • Description: One of my more moody songs. The raspy vocals convey the endless plight of livin' far to fast. Slow down before it's too late, and your lifeglass sands have all run out.
Livin Free
  • Written: 2004
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Guitar
  • Description: This is my first attempt at creating a hard rock/jam song like Satriani and Vai. It's just a basic rock song & solo, and displays more of my guitar ability. I'm no guitar virtuoso, but this is 100% emotional me!
On the Run
  • Written: 2006
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Guitar
  • Description: Another hard grooving guitar instrumental. I'm pretty happy with the theme of this, but the actual mixing/sound needs work!
If it Wasn't For You
  • Written: '04-'06
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Guitar
  • Description: One of those work in progress songs. I have the overall structure done, but it's been difficult settling on a concrete theme. Still it's a good listen, great guitar sound on this one.
  • Written: 2005
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Keyboard/Guitar
  • Description: The title says it all on this one. This is merely a snipet and is at an infant IDEA stage.

Alternative Rock

Fear You
  • Written: 1994 by GAIN(R. Vankuren, B. Crowell, C. Gentile, S. Hall)
  • Song Type: Alternative Rock
  • Description: One of our biggest hits will is revived here. A very jazzy/alernative hit. I have spent allot of hours transcribing Chris's drum part, Russ's bass lines, so that it's awesome feel could be replicated. One of our favorites to play! I really loved getting this down. The lyrics were written by Chris, and are...uhh very sexual in nature...
Spotlight - Preview
  • Written: 1994 by GAIN(R. Vankuren, B. Crowell, C. Gentile, S. Hall)
  • Song Type: Alternative Rock
  • Description: As with most songs in this area, this is another one revived from our band "GAIN". It has a very Pink Floyd'ish sound, and is a little dark. I literally relearned and slapped the preview above together in a couple hours, I'll be working on finishing this tune this month. My buddy Pete Starks will be a guest guitarist when done!

Eye Pueke (coming soon)

  • Written: 1995 by GAIN(B. Crowell)
  • Song Type: Metal / Heavy Rock
  • Description: Don't ask about the title, It's all Chris's fault! This tune is the hardest rocking tune I've ever written. Never really developed the lyrics, but will be coming shortly.

Pop Rock

Just A Man
  • Written: 2004 Lyrics
  • Song Type: Pop/Rock
  • Description: Ever feel like your helpless to stop someone's own fall? You try, you support, yet you just can't help them. Here's my story of what is and could happen, the fear exposed.
Carribean Blue (I Fall)
  • Written: 2005 Lyrics
  • Song Type: Rock/Pop
  • Description: By far my best song yet! Though this piece is still a work in progress (on solos and drums), it's got allot of emotion & feel. Some people LOVE it, others don't, you decide. Those who know me, say it's my best work yet. This is also the first song I've written on a 7-string guitar.
I Need You
  • Written: 1994 Lyrics
  • Song Type: Rock/Pop - Guitar & Vocal
  • Description: My most popular song in college, the gals loved it. Wrote this on the docks of Lake Norman, NC while being away from my girl. Everyone can relate! Allot of cool melodies, fingerstyle, and vocal bridges in this one.
How Does it Feel (coming soon)
  • Written: 1991
  • Song Type: Pop - Guitar & Vocal
  • Description: Boy meets girl, girl rejects boy, boy sits and watches as her boyfriend crumbles her heart. Written on the bus going to Disneyland with my high school band.

Christian Rock

Inside You
  • Written: 1994 Lyrics
  • Song Type: Christian rock
  • Description: In my days with our christian rock band "Rising Faith" we wrote this ditty, and was the most popular of our songs. This is also a neat one, in that ALL the instruments were played by myself. From drums to vocals it was fun to get this recorded

Stealin' Souls(coming soon)

  • Written: 1993
  • Song Type: Christian rock
  • Description: A simple acoustic/vocal song, done back in my "Rising Faith" christian band days.

Ballad / Folk / Easy listening

Sunshine Child
  • Written: 1994
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Guitar
  • Description: This girl we knew was always bright and chipper, to the point that many of us flocked to her like moths to flame. Several years later she was diagnosed with SEVERE depression. Just goes to show what's on the outside may not be what's on the inside
  • Written: 1995
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Guitar
  • Description: Sometimes I have nightmares that my father is gone from my life, and in a barely awake stupor I wrote this. It always reminds me of him, and to enjoy him while he's still here.
The River (coming soon)
  • Written: 2002
  • Song Type: Folk - Guitar & Vocal
  • Description: A lulluby about life for my daughter. The lesson; instead of wasting life trying to determine the meaning of it, live instead in each day.
I know (A Dream) (coming soon)
  • Written: 1991
  • Song Type: Folk - Guitar & Vocal
  • Description: ...a million lives hidden beneath the leaves... How many lives have been lived, with dreams unattained...

Instrumental - New Age

All For You
  • Written: 2006
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Guitar/keys/MIDI
  • Description: When you have your own child, you'll truely understand. You'll do anything and everything for them. This song is for my loving daughter Maggie. Overall one of my favorite tunes!
Desert Bloom
  • Written: 1992
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Piano/MIDI
  • Description: A man struggles through the desert, along, hanging on to dear life. He finally sees that for what he's longing for, he races to it, heart filled renewed of hope. He get's closer but nothing's there, his mind has created the mirage, as he falls with his last breath.
Silent Awe
  • Written: 2005
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Piano/MIDI
  • Description: Staring up at the black sky, on a clear night, far beyound the city. You see stars so brilliant, even pick out nebulas! You get this sense of quiet awe, as you realize how small we all are in the scheme of the universe. Suddendly our problems seem so insignificant.
Lost City
  • Written: 2003
  • Song Type: Instrumental - Piano/MIDI
  • Description: Your wandering through caves on a distant planet, of a civilization long gone, up ahead the lights reflect on's a city, a lost and desolate city. This was influenced by the RAMA series books by Author C. Clark..
Stargate Groove
  • Written: 2002
  • Song Type: Instrumental - MIDI
  • Description: Another one pulled out from the archives, a simple little groove, originally being intended for use as backing music to my Unreal tournament level. If I ever get around to putting drums & guitar to it!

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