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Song Lyrics

[Inside You][I Need You][Carribean Blue][Just A Man][Spotlight][Fear You]

Inside You, Inside Me

Music & Lyrics by Brian Crowell (copyright ’94)

I walk upon the water, and see my reflection.
I ask, “Oh is this me.”, I hear answer…
Calling from above “Yes, this is you and me.”

Chorus 1 :
Inside You, Inside Me
Believe in the word of God,
And there he will be.
His son died for us,
So we all could be free…from all sin.

Bridge - Instrumental

Verse 2:
In times of desperation, I read his word.
It always teaches me.
In times of trouble,  I look to him
He always carries me.

Chorus 2:
God loves you, God loves Me
Believe in the heart of God, 
and there he will be.
(and) his son died for us.
So we all could be free…from all sin.
What more could you ask for.

Instrumental & Fade out…

I Need You

Carribean Blue

Music & Lyrics by Brian Crowell (copyright ’05)

I’ve seen you walkin’ round here.
With the blue moon risin’ it’s all too clear.
What it is you want in life.
There’s secrets here in your new paradise.
Your new paradise.

Chorus 1 :
I see you tearing down my walls.
and I’ve been dying to take that fall.
(But) those deep blues tell me, 
You’ll be leaving when your through.
(and) I fall…and I fall, and I fall…

V2 - Instrumental

Verse 2:
She leaves you when the sun arrives.
She comes and goes with every tide.
How does she get under my skin
A blue moon sky, here she comes again.
Yes here she comes again.

Chorus 1:

Bridge - Instrumental & Solos…

Chorus 1:
Fade out…

Just A Man

Music & Lyrics by Brian Crowell (copyright ’04)

We used to go for walks in the afternoon.
Our love so think, lightning could not break us down.
How could I know, that you’d be fallen apart.
Leaving your family here, stranded in the dark.

Pre-Chorus 1:
You know, you had everything, when you stormed out on us.
I guess I wasn’t powerful enough.

Chorus 1 :
I’m just a man. Not that I haven’t tried,
to spin webs or read minds.
(but) your walls were just too high.
I’m just a man. Like any other,
I can’t fly. No special powers, 
to save you from yourself
I’m just a man.

Verse 2:
I gues you thought that I would be your savior,
But you were entrenched on ethereal ground.
I couldn’t reach your lofty battlefield.
It’s a conflict your not winning on your own.

Pre-Chorus 2:
You know, you had everything, when you stormed out on us.
I guess I wasn’t powerful enough.

Chorus 2:
I’m just a man. Trying to discover
crazed world of his lover,
and bring some light inside.
I’m just a man. Anxious to be with you.
(To)be there and pull you through,.
but you cast relations aside.
I’m just a man.

Chorus 1:  & Fade out…



Fear You

Last Updated - 5/11/05