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Bri's Web Buddies

Marshall G. Another guy I met at Freak-Foot. Apart from being a very nice guy, his playing was nice and fluid. One of my favorite players at the event. Last improv he did some incredible work on the whammy bar! Check out his CD Saturdaze on Ampcast!
J. B. Mayes Two strangers sittin' beside each other on sunday, having the same passion, and not know it! Indie artist J.B. Mayes instrumental music stands own it's own telling you his stories. His guitar weaves a tale, that like a vine, will grab a hold and not let go. Check out his album "Songs for the Ride Home".
Scott Kroeker If you love awesome melodic rock, look no further than Scott. His 7-string based music, is lucious and filled with dreamscapes. I get lost everytime I listen. Be sure to check him out!!
Vince Lupone A genre versatile player, from hard rock, to new age! Excellent chops and his music is awesome, go and check out his new album, "Screaming into the Abyss"!
Corey Smith Met Corey at freak foot, and saw him again at the Andy Timmons Clinic. I was very impressed with his playing, from hard rock to sweet melodies. Plus a very cool guy! Check out his CD Reflections!
Ponco Soendjojo Ponco, with a fearless & open heart, sets himself apart, with super-smooth licks, and tasty chops! I can't get enough of this guy!! Be sure to check out his music!
Billy Stewart Fantastic song writer, digital art genious, be sure to check out his music!
Pete Starkes His Melodic Rock is simply compelling! He's also a fellow RUSH fan!
Chris Quigley A 7-string enthusiast (formed and chops to boot. From his smooth selection of modes to heavy ballads, theres something for everyone!
Paul Warren Highly skilled guitarist, often found playing alongside Ron Thal of Bumblefoot, formed Raleigh Music Academy, and my new guitar teacher!
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Great Websites / Bulliten Boards

Jemsite Dedicated to the Ibanez JEM, great people! Dedicated to 7 string guitars & musicians maximizing them. Great guys/gals and a web jukbox with more talent than...
RMA - Raleigh Music Academy Formed by Paul Warren, a fantastic music academy, with excellent teachers. Not to mention the awesome clinics!

My favorite Artists!

RUSH It's RUSH's website, need I say more?!
Andy Timmons Love a guitarist who oooozes pure passion in his playing, look no further than Andy Timmons. I truely gifted and aware player, not to mention a great guy.
Steve Vai I've been a fan since 91...Passion & Warfare...damn..nuff said.
Joe Satriani VAI's teacher, so imagine what he can do! Awesome player, simply awesome.
Dave Weiner This guy has been VAI's guitarist since '99, and his new album kicks some major Arse!! He's also very dedicated to his fans! Be sure to check out his ROTW!
Ron Thal This guy...well, you'd have to see 'em to belive it. A very unique and gifted guitarist! Such a wonderfull douchebag!!!
Mattias IA Eklundh I loved his incredible & unique way of playing guitar. Then I went to the Freak-Foot clinic...I'll never be the same. An awesome guy, and kick arse musician. Check out his awesome, and inventive Hard rock guitar was enough to impress Vai.
John Petrucci I'll never be able to play his stuff, don't mean I can't appreciate it!!
Rob Balducci A very down to earth, and kick arse sure to check him out!!!
Jars of Clay One of my favorite Christian bands. Their melodies & music is the best!!!
Third Day I had met, and been familiar with this now popular Christian band before they became famous. Great music, good guys!!!
Avril Lavigne I really dig this chick. Her lyric writting is top notch!!

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