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The Gear

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My Guitars

You can have my guitar, when you pry it from my cold dead hands...

My third and now primary instrument is the guitar, here is my collection & Info about them...Click on picture for larger image
  • Ibanez SA160QM
  • Body: Basswood
  • Top: Quilted Maple
  • Neck: Rosewood / Wizard /22-jumbo frets
  • Bridge: Wilkinson
  • Purpose: My primary guitar for strat-like tone. If you hear me playin jazz or blues, it's probably this one...
  • Song Example: Cloud Remains
Sorry Photo MISSING!
  • Ibanez Universe UV777BK
  • Body: Basswood
  • Top: Gloss Black w/ VAI inlays
  • Neck: Rosewood / Wizard II /24-jumbo frets
  • Bridge: Lo Pro Edge
  • Purpose: To be there and look pretty...I rarely take this out of it's case...pity as it cost me a fortune. Everytime I play her, I spend 20min wiping her down!
  • Song Example: Dave's Party Piece
  • Ibanez RG7620BK
  • Body: -
  • Top: Gloss Black
  • Neck: Rosewood / Wizard II /24-jumbo frets
  • Bridge: Low Pro Edge
  • Pick Ups: Air Norton(Neck), EVO 7(Bridge)
  • Purpose: This is my principle lead guitar & instrumental rock baby. The extra B string really lets you give chords growl, sometimes I tune it to A. If it's a solo that's not flat out blues, or whammy crazy, it's probably this one.
  • Song Example: Carribean Blue (all guitar parts)
  • Ibanez RG270
  • Body: -
  • Top/Color: Emerald Green
  • Neck: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Single Locking Lo Pro (Sucks)
  • Pick Ups: Standard Ibanez Issue
  • Purpose: This was my first decent, full featured electric, it's rarely used anymore. The PU & Bridge are simply not on par, and the frets are in need of replacing. Strangly enough, I've come back to it in the last few months. It's on my newest tune.
  • Song Example: All For You
  • Epiphone Ltd. Ed Les Paul
  • Body: -
  • Top/Color: Maple - Translucent Red
  • Neck: Rosewood / Standard /22-frets
  • Bridge: Low Pro Edge
  • Pick Ups: Air Norton(Neck), PAF(Bridge)
  • Purpose: This is THE ROCK guitar. I use it allot for Rythym & Blues. It's just so warm! I try and keep it mint though!
  • Song Example: Just about any RUSH cover (solely used on Making Memories)
  • Other Pics:
  • Ovation Narrow Bowl Acoustic Electric (by Applause)
  • Body: APS Plastic!
  • Top/Color: Haven't a clue / Natural
  • Neck: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Fixed
  • Pick Ups: Piezo
  • Purpose: This is my primary acoustic. It's a non-expensive guitar but it sounds great! I had a Martin DM-12, but I smashed it to pieces (long story).
  • Song Example(s): Father, Sunshine Child, I Need You
  • Authentic Cordoba (made in Spain)
  • Body: Maple/rosewood
  • Top/Color: Natural
  • Neck: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Fixed Nylon Strings
  • Pick Ups: Piezo
  • Purpose: Nylon can only mean one thing, Classical & fingerstyle.
  • Song Example: None yet
  • Cort Jazz bass
  • Body: Hardwood
  • Top/Color: lima Green
  • Neck: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Fixed
  • Pick Ups: Jazz PU
  • Purpose: The only bass guitar I have, what do you think?.
  • Song Example: Any you hear bass on
  • Other Pics:


Today I'm all digital, utilizing computer audio recording programs such as Audition & Pro Tools LE and Cakewalk for MIDI. Being a one man band artist, I usually work allot with MIDI, but do a fair amount of audio too.

I do all the MIDI in Cakewalk, and bring it into Pro Tools LE. In my experience Cubase is better for MIDI oriented projects. Audition is FANTASTIC for audio, but sucks for working with MIDI. Pro Tools is my favorite all around DAW, unfortunetly, I didn't acquire a Digi001 until last year ('05). Thus 50% of the album work used Audition w/MAudio 2496.

In addition to the recording software I have a number of VST Instrument Programs and Direct X utilities. I found my favorites to be ReValver amp simulator, Battery, and Antares's Autotune 3. ReValver gives you great post recording amp simulation that'll blow your mind. Auto-tune is a spiffy program that can help you "FIX" bad/off-key notes in the vocals and still sound real. Then again, you can also set it to sound like EIFFEL 65's vocals.

Software List

Recording & FX Gear

Ah all the wonderfull gear that I never want to think about how much money I've spent acquiring it all. Seeing how my PC does all the audio recording the TASCAM 424 MKII is only used as the mixer, and now rarely at that. Most of the connections now are direct to the Digi001, which I use the internal SW controls to do levels. I have, and have had, several different rack pieces for vocals, guitar, and MIDI.
I use the Digitech Valve FX, Digitech 2112, and V-Amp2 for most direct guitar duties. The first two being a TUBE preamp effects units, they really rock. The 2112, I can combine tube & SS distortions for some heavy sounds. I also occasionally using the Jackson Guitar preamp, and the tubes in it always give me the nice warm tone. (NOTE: I love tubes, I use them whenever possible...I'd love to own Mesa Boogie amps etc If I had the dough.) STILL, the macdaddie, is my JSX 100W Amp...OMG that thing is the sweatest head I've ever heard!! Least to say, I've begun micin' cabs ALLOT more recently. Check out how it sounds: JSX Mic'd Demo I play a few RUSH excerpts on that.

I used to have quite a few DOD pedals, but prefer the FX boxes now. I still have an Original Crybaby, and my Control One though. My favorite pedal of all time was the DOD DFX89 Digital Delay!! A friend borrowed it 5 years ago...haven't seen it since! If you have one for sale in good condition, let me know!

For vocals & various other stuff, my effect send goes to the Alesis Microverb 4. It has all the reverbs/chorus/dig delay you could ever need. Recently however, I record a dry & a wet vox track, and use the Diamond Waves RTAS for these sonic duties. So the more I get used to the digital programs, the less I use it though. I also used to use the 3630 for pre-compression, now replaced by plugins.

Finally I have the Alesis QSR, which is, or at least WAS 4 yrs ago one of the best synths on the market. I absolutely love this unit and handles all my MIDI output. I use it's Optical output, straight into PTLE. I use a generic MIDI controller for now, though I'm saving for a piano weighted version.


DW - Pacific Drumset

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